Get a personalized, uniquely customized and handmade plank table made to measure at WoodenDay

There is something very special about having a beautiful handmade plank table standing in your home, which you have helped to design yourself – and that is exactly what you get at WoodenDay. Our plank tables are handmade down to the smallest detail, and we can adapt your table so you get it exactly the way you want it – both in terms of wood type, dimensions, oil type and finish.


Specially made plank table according to your wishes

At WoodenDay, we love to experiment and be challenged on our craftsmanship and quality. This means that no matter what dreams and desires you have for your plank table, we can bring them to life. We have no standards for our plank tables, so if you, for example, want a 6 cm thick table top or a plank table in a very specific type of wood, we can help you with the task. It may also be that you want a plank table where the legs are covered with brass, or that the table top has a special shape. You can decide for yourself what your handmade plank table should look like – we take care of the rest. By designing your own plank table to measure, you are also sure that there is no furniture like it. So you get a completely unique piece of furniture that you will not find anywhere else. See also our other exclusive wooden furniture, such as our Solid shelves or benches. We attach great importance to personal contact with you, and therefore we make sure that we have understood your wishes. Once it’s in place and we start making your plank table, we will keep you informed on how far we have come. As an extra service, we offer to deliver the table in person at your home, so you do not have to think about delivery and possible support. If you have any questions about the maintenance of the table, you can ask them on the same occasion.

Interior design help for you who are in doubt about the design of your custom-made plank table

If you are not one of those who have a clear idea of what your new plank table should look like, then there is no need to despair. We know that it can be difficult to find out which design best suits your other furniture and whether it matches the color of the walls and the type of floor you have. That is why we offer to help you find the right design. All you have to do is send a few pictures via our contact page of the room where the plank table should stand. Then we take a look at the pictures and return to you with a suggestion of what the table might look like. Our work with handmade plank tables since 2016 has given us a solid understanding of what fits well together. Get inspiration for what your handmade plank table should look like by taking a look at our inspiration page or Instagram.  

We do not compromise on our handmade plank tables

A custom plank table from WoodenDay is not a factory-made table that is found in countless other homes. In contrast, our plank tables are made with the heart, and every single table is cut, sanded and treated by hand by our carpenters. We put good craftsmanship, energy and love in your table, so you get an exclusive, high-quality piece of furniture into your home. Every time you sit down at the table, you can hopefully feel the time and the craftsmanship that is put on the table. If you regularly make sure to treat the table with oil and generally take care of it, it can last the rest of your life and even be passed on to younger generations. We find that many people have a perception that it is difficult to remove stains and stains from a wooden table and therefore are apprehensive about having a plank table as a dining table. In fact, it is easy to freshen up the table, and after a sanding and oiling, it will appear like new again. If you are not comfortable grinding and treating the table yourself, we are also happy to help with service tasks.  

Design plank table on dimensions that fit perfectly into a Nordic interior

In Scandinavia, we love white walls and bright interiors, and therefore there may sometimes be a need to break the bright look with something completely different. For that purpose, a beautiful design plank table works perfectly. At the same time as it fits in well with the Scandinavian and Nordic decor, it also provides a nice counterpoint to all the white. The warm wood helps to create a cozy look in the living room or dining kitchen, and it will make your decor more personal. Use the order form above to order your plank table to size tailored to your wishes and needs.