Sincere personal service


We are human beings who trade with human beings. For us, customers are not just a number in the line, but people we sincerely want to help with their furniture dreams, whatever they are classic or quirky. In order for us to do this, it requires that we get to know them, so that together we can make their dream furniture a reality.

Consistent security


We are incredibly happy for your trust, by letting us make YOUR furniture. This confidence, we respond with confidence throughout the process. You are with us all the way from the time we agree on the furniture until we deliver it to you. If you have the slightest concern we will try to grab it so you can feel safe again.

Sumptuous quality and craftsmanship


“A product from Woodenday, you have for life”. In order for us to live up to this, it requires high quality and good craftsmanship in everything we do. Ranging from the carefully selected wood and the materials we use, to our extremely detail-oriented, almost perfectionist, approach to the craft.


Andreas Andersen
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“Ask us, because we always say yes in principle! We love to be challenged on our craftsmanship and creativity by our customers, no matter how big, crazy or crooked the dreams are. If there is no solution in advance, we will do it ”


“Everything you can imagine is real”

Pable Picasso

Write to us

Write to us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are always ready with an advice or a good offer based on our previous tasks, or if you have a dream your very own unique piece of furniture.